eBeam Edge +

  • Easy-to-use, ultra-light and ultra-portable technology
  • Offers the largest interactive surface area on the market totaling 16ft x 5ft (4.8m x 1.5m)
  • Interactive capabilities on both sides of the sensor
  • Covers 8ft x 5ft (2.5m x 1.5m) of interactive surface area on either side of the sensor
  • One sensor duel capabilities – interactive whiteboard and regular dry erase marker capturing
  • Plug and Play eBeam wireless connection, no setup required
  • Built in rechargeable battery and a wireless dongle to connect to your computer
  • Rechargeable two button stylus (right and left clicks)
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  • Free softwares, with unlimited number of licenses and updates for eBeam users
  • Compatible with MacOsX, Windows and Ubuntu
  • Intuitive tool pallet that overlaps on top of all your existing applications for easy access
  • Free real time remote sharing of the Scrapbook software
  • Interoperability with existing softwares and content, including those from other IWB
  • The new all-in-one software version now integrates the Capture software for regular dry erase markers and remote meeting/sharing functionalities
  • Allows the use of pre-existing pedagogical content and material
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edgePlusLite components

eBeam Edge Plus Wireless


The eBeam Edge Plus Wireless is an ultra-portable and ultra-light unique solution offering interactive capabilities.

eBeam Edge Plus now has a built in rechargeable battery eliminating the need to connect any cables. eBeam Plug and Play technology makes room setup flexible and easy. Combined with a video projector, it transforms any flat surface (dry erase board, wall, LCD screen, glass panel, table, etc.) into a fully scalable interactive environment up to 8ft x 5ft.



$925.00 $925.00

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Edge Plus Complete Components

eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete

Edge-Wireless Complete eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete is a dual purpose interactive system, that connects to your computer wirelessly, offering 2 distinct interactive modes.

  • Projection mode: Combined with a computer and video projector, it transforms any flat surface (regular dry erase whiteboard, wall, LCD TV/screen, glass panel, table, etc.) into a fully interactive surface. Annotate and interact with great precision on any and all content projected from your computer.
  • Capture mode: Does not require a video projector. Capture, save, edit and stream everything you write or draw on your whiteboard with regular dry erase marker.
Both modes can be used simultaneously by placing the eBeam sensor in the middle of your board. Allowing for up to 16 feet of interactivity! (more...)


$1,199.00 $1,199.00

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eBeam edge USB |

eBeam Edge USB

projecteur eBeam Edge is an ultra-portable and ultra-light interactive system, that connects to your computer via a USB cable. Combined with a video projector, it transforms any flat surface (whiteboard, wall, glass panel, table, etc.) into a fully interactive surface. Its ergonomic stylus is at the same time a true wireless mouse and an unlimited digital ink marker. (more...)


$799.00 $799.00

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Marker Pack four colours

eBeam Edge Plus Marker Pack

capturepack_schemaNeed to capture whiteboard notes but already have eBeam Edge? The Marker Pack is an add-on to the eBeam Edge. It transforms all regular dry erase marker notes and drawings on a whiteboard into digital files that can be streamed, shared, edited, recorded and saved. As you change the content on the whiteboard, the digital files change too. This accessory gives you the functionality of both projection and whiteboard capture by making your eBeam system dual purpose. (more...)


$399.00 $399.00

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Interactive TV LCD Bracket | Écran interactive support LCD

LCD Bracket

The eBeam Edge Display Bracket expands the benefits of eBeam Edge and eBeam software by giving schools and businesses, using LCD displays, even more flexibility. Attach the bracket to the top of your display, place the eBeam Edge in the bracket, connect your computer to the display and use the award-winning eBeam software tools to enhance and improve presentations and lesson delivery. (more...)


$29.00 $29.00

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Wireless keyboard | Clavier sans fil

Wireless Keyboard

The eBeam Wireless Keyboard, combined with your eBeam Edge, allows you to work with your Windows or Mac computer to:

  • Interact with content at the board from over 30 feet away.
  • Enter text in any open application using a standard QWERTY keyboard.
  • Navigate, scroll and select using the provided touch pad


$119.00 $119.00

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eBeam Rigid Carry Case | Valise Rigide eBeam

Rigid Carry Case

The Rigid Carry Case is a compartmentalized case made to store, organize and protect all components included with the eBeam Edge Complete. (more...)


$79.00 $79.00

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Flex document camera | Caméra de document Flex

Document Camera

This document camera allows to view and share all educational material or any physical object instantly. FlexCam 2 is the only document camera that allows to stream live images from the teacher’s desk to a full classroom set of multi-platform student devices. (Tablet, smartphone, computer) (more...)


$599.99 $599.99

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eBeam Edge Rechargeable battery pack | Batterie rechargeable pour eBeam Edge

eBeam Edge Replacement Battery Pack

Ultra-Portable and Convenient The Battery Pack is lightweight, slender and sleek. With the Battery Pack attached to the eBeam Edge Wireless, the combo is compact enough to transport in your pocket or laptop bag or secure in your desk drawer. (more...)


$99.00 $99.00

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