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The new generation of interactive technology

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Interact: Projection mode

Interactivity on any surface

eBeam leads you into the era of interactivity. Put some effect into your lessons, stimulate and encourage sharing ideas and active participation of all your students.


Combined with a projector and your current computer, eBeam used in Projection mode is a combination of an interactive stylus with a small receiver that magnetically attaches to any flat surface in seconds. Simply place the eBeam on the edge of any flat surface (board, wall, table, counter or glass panel) and connect it to your computer withe either a single USB cable, or through a wireless conntection, for a complete interactive solution.

The solution is active thanks to an ergonomic stylus that becomes your wireless mouse and a marker with unlimited digital ink. The stylus allows everyone, including your students, to annotate with great precision on any type of content, including those of your current IWB, and save your everything in the format of your choice (pdf, ppt, etc.)

No need for long hours of training, and learning in closed systems. eBeam in Projection mode,  is the perfect combination of simple tools and a powerful technology: all the pros of IWB (Interactive White Board) without the cons!