Why eBeam?


The eBeam software provides you with a one-click access to all functionalities though a user friendly tool pallet that is superimposed on top of all your existing applications.


Keep interactivity in your pocket and bring it to all your presentations, training sessions and meetings.

Simple to install

You don’t need a specialist to get your eBeam system up and running. eBeam systems take just minutes to install.

Interactivity on any surface

Turn any flat surface into an interactive environment: existing boards, walls, tables, glass and even an LCD screen!

Compatible with your existing environment

eBeam is compatible with all document formats that you currently use (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)

Cutting edge technology at a reasonable price

Our intuitive solution doesn’t require a professional installation, reducing your overall costs. Software updates are free of charge, even your shipping costs are low thanks to the small form factor.